Repairs, Maintenance & FAQ’s

Foscadh Housing prides itself on a high quality housing maintenance and repair service that delivers a timely response to tenants’ repair needs.

Emergency Repairs

An Emergency Repair includes:
• a complete loss of heating in adverse weather conditions
• a complete loss of hot and cold water
• a complete loss of electrics (if this is specific to your home and not a general outage in the area)

To report an Emergency Repair, please contact a member of our team on (041) 9844786.

Log a Repair or Maintenance request Online

To log a repair or maintenance request, please email 

Repairs FAQ

How do I report a problem that needs repair?

  1. Contact the Foscadh Housing office on 041 9844786
  2. If you notifying us in writing please let us know:
    • Your Name:
    • Your Address:
    • Your Email:
    • Your Telephone Number:
    • Details to be repaired:
  3. When contacting us, either by phone or in writing, please try to give as much details as possible. This will help us diagnose the problem and ensure our service team are fully prepared when they call to your home. Contact Us.

How quickly will the repair work be carried out?

Your repair will be reviewed and put  into one of the following four categories:

  1. Emergency – Incidents that could seriously damage your health or the property (such as severe flooding) are classed as emergencies and dealt with within 24 hours. If you suspect a gas leak phone GAS NETWORKS IRELAND on their emergency number 1850 20 50 50. In the event of fire get everyone out call the Fire Brigade 999/112 and close the doors behind you.
  2. Urgent – Problems that could cause damage to your house (such as loss of heating or hot water supply) will be repaired within four working days.
  3. Routine – Non-urgent jobs such as adjusting a window or fixing a dripping tap will be repaired within 20 working days.
  4. Planned/Ongoing – repairs that are carried out at regular intervals throughout the year to keep the house in good condition and identify possible issues before they become a problem. These include the annual servicing of heating boilers.

Repairs are usually carried out between Monday and Friday within normal working hours except for emergencies or where, agreed with the contractor.

Will I receive an appointment time for the work to be carried out?

  • Foscadh Housing or our contractor will make an appointment with you to carry out the repair work. Please ensure that the area to be repaired is clear of clutter to allow sufficient access.
  • If you need to change your appointment time, please give us sufficient notice to allow the rescheduling, otherwise you will be charged for the repair call out.
  • Please make sure that a responsible adult (over the age of 18) is present in the house at the time of the appointment. Failure to do so will result in the appointment being rescheduled.
  • All our contractors and employees work to an agreed Code of Conduct. We expect them to work in a professional way, without causing any unnecessary disruption. If you are unhappy with how they conduct themselves, please contact us. Contact Us.

What happens if there is a delay?

In the event of a delay: We aim to carry out repairs as quickly as possible. However, delays can happen for several unforeseen reasons, such as difficulty sourcing parts or poor weather that prevents repair work. In the event of a delay, we will contact you immediately to reschedule.

Who is responsible for the cost of the repair?

The cost of your repair

  • We carry out most repairs completely free of charge. However, we will charge you for the cost of repairing any damage you are responsible for, including any damage that you, your family, or visitors cause through accident, carelessness, or neglect.
  • In situations where the repair is the tenant’s responsibility but there are exceptional circumstances such as extreme financial hardship, disability, or old age, Foscadh Housing will agree the cost of the repair with the tenant, and enter into a repayment plan before the work is completed.

Will the work be inspected once complete?

To ensure a high quality standard, Foscadh Housing continuously monitor the quality of repairs, and also carry out random inspections on completed repairs to make sure the work has been done correctly and to an acceptable standard. Please contact us with any queries or feedback about the repairs process.

What repairs are tenants responsible for?

  • Repairs to inside the home – repairs to internal joinery and doors and windows, including hinges, handles, bolts, locks, letterbox
  • Replacement of broken window glass in your home, and all willful or malicious damage or damage caused by burglary, larceny, or theft.
  • Repairs to replacement of cupboards, wardrobe, kitchen units including kitchen doors, hinges, handles, locks, catches, drawers, and worktops
  • Oiling door and window hinges and locks
  • Lost keys to doors and windows
  • Repairing /replacing defective doorbell pushes
  • Resetting trip switches
  • All internal decorations and surface damage to internal plasterwork
  • Pest Control
  • Replacement of batteries to smoke alarms
  • Changes of locks as a result of tenant’s negligence
  • Repairs from condensation
  • Repair to dripping taps, air locked pipes, or bleeding of radiators
  • Replacement or repair of sanitary ware not caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Replacing plugs and chains to sinks, wash hand basins and bath
  • Removing scale from taps, sinks baths and toilet pans and replacing hoses to showers and shower heads
  • Re-sizing doors to fit over floor coverings
  • Replacing fire grates and cleaning chimneys (It is important to have the chimney swept to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Care of gardens- including the grass and hedging (including grass verge to the front of your home). Cleaning of leaves and silt from gutters. Garden must be kept clear of all rubbish or scrap.
  • Repair to all fences, gates and boundaries
  • Upkeep of all rear and side entrances and garden sheds
  • Cleaning of gully traps and waste pipes and the clearing of all blocked drains
  • Replacing TV aerials
  • Replacing meter cupboard doors.

What repairs is Foscadh Housing responsible for?

Foscasdh Housing is responsible for repairs to your home’s exterior and also for structural repairs. This includes:

  • Roofs, Facia, Soffits, and Guttering
  • Walls
  • Floors (Not floor coverings or finishes)
  • Window Frames, sills, and reveals
  • External Doors
  • Toilet Bowls
  • Baths
  • Sinks

Foscadh Housing will maintain  installations for heating and utilities of water, gas, electricity, and sanitation; all steps and means of access to the property; and any boundary wall or fence provided.

For further information about our repair responsibilities please click here to read our fact sheet.