Welcome to the Loving Life Choir

Unified Young Voices of Hope

While violence in our community may capture news headlines, it shouldn’t overshadow our children’s hope for the future.

Children deserve to feel safe, supported and encouraged to fulfill their potential and given the tools to help combat negativity, fear and doubt.

That’s why the Loving Life Choir was created; to unify our community’s young voices through the feel-good nature of music, giving them the strength, enthusiasm and motivation they need to face challenges with a positive mindset.

The Loving Life Choir offers a safe, friendly and inclusive environment for kids aged 5-18 from the Moneymore area to find joy in singing together, inspiration from song lyrics and the confidence to work towards performing our songs for the community and beyond!

A vibrant and caring community

All children regardless of ethnicity, culture, faith, gender and identity are welcomed to the Loving Life Choir and supported to grow together as a vibrant and caring community that values each other’s differences and treats everyone with respect.

The Loving Life Choir Preparing for Windmill Lane Recording Studio

More information

The Loving Life Choir is a proud initiative of Foscadh Housing Association that aims to help children improve their confidence, boost self-esteem, spark creativity, make new friends and express their voice freely. To find out more information about the Choir or membership, please give us a call on 041 9844 786.