Meet the team

Ken O Heiligh - Foscadh Housing

Ken O'Heiligh

Chief Executive Officer

Ken joined Foscadh Housing in 2000. He works closely with the Board of Directors and the Audit and Risk Committee, and leads a dedicated team that underpins the Association’s development, property management and community programs. Since joining Foscadh Housing, Ken has brought to practical completion a €12 million CLSS funded scheme in Drogheda, completing the final phases of the 69-home Lia Bhrega development with the introduction of private finance, CALF and the Payment and Availability Scheme. Under the Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan, he has continued to increase the supply of high-quality homes in counties Laois and Louth. Ken was also instrumental in securing Certified Body Status for Foscadh Housing from the Housing Finance Agency in 2016, and delivering the Association’s first Mortgage to Rent scheme 2019. He was elected as a member the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) in 2018 and is a representative on the Tier 3 HFA Approved Working Group. Ken has been a driving force in Foscadh Housing’s strategy to develop empowered, integrated communities. He has played a central role in the creation and implementation of programs that empower residents to make a difference to the health and sustainability of their community, resulting in the Association’s 2019 award for Community Integration in Housing from the ICSH. In 2019 Ken also launched the Loving Life Choir to provide children from the Moneymore area (Co Louth) a safe, friendly and inclusive environment to enjoy singing together, find inspiration from song lyrics and develop the confidence to face challenges with a positive mindset. Ken has over 30 years’ experience in management and construction and holds Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, a qualification in Business Studies and Entrepreneurship and a Housing Development and Housing Management Certificate. He also holds a National Craft Certificate and has instructed in carpentry, joinery and building construction.

Sandra Dollard - Foscadh Housing

Sandra Dollard

Finance Manager

Sandra is a Certified Accountant and Foscadh Housing’s Finance Manager. With 30 years’ experience in finance across a variety of industry sectors including property development, FMCG and healthcare, Sandra brings deep insight to Foscadh’s financial operations and management. She is responsible for the provision of accurate and timely financial information that informs Board decision making, for financial governance and compliance, projections and budgeting, and works closely with the Chairperson & CEO for long term financial planning. She also oversees day-to-day accounts administration. Sandra holds an FCCA qualification from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a Certificate in Training and Continuing Education from the National University of Ireland, and an accounting technician qualification from the Accounting Technicians in Ireland (Formerly IATI).

Naoimh O'Brien - Foscadh Housing

Naoimh O’Brien

Housing & Development Manager

As Housing & Development Manager, Naoimh plays a central role in the provision of high-quality housing and maintenance services, governance and compliance, and the delivery of turnkey properties. She is responsible for lettings and allocations, repairs and estate issues alongside the management of a capable team of front-line staff to deliver Foscadh’s responsive property management services. Naoimh also works closely with Foscadh’s stakeholders and multi-disciplinary teams to deliver acquisitions and new builds to the highest standard. Naoimh joined Foscadh in 2006 and has led a range of innovations including the introduction of the Association’s Tenant and Housing Management system and the implementation of the formal risk framework. She has also played a key role in finance and governance, working closely with the Association’s auditors and ensuring compliance requirements are met. Naoimh holds a degree in Management and Administration in Financial Accounting (DKIT), a Housing Management Certificate, a Certificate in Applied Business Studies (NCI), a Certificate in Data Protection from the IPA and accreditations from Sage.

Breda Flood - Foscadh Housing

Breda Flood

Risk & Compliance Officer

In the role of Admin, Risk & Compliance Officer, Breda works in partnership with the Housing & Development Manager to deliver effective administration, compliance and risk management. She takes a leading role in the development of Foscadh’s culture of risk and compliance awareness, and is responsible for the identification, evaluation and management of risk and compliance issues. She also plays a key role in the Association’s annual internal audit and day-to-day financial operations. Breda brings more than 20 years’ experience in multifaceted roles spanning finance, facilities management, human resources, compliance and policy development in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. She holds a Diploma in Charity Law, Trusteeship and Governance from The Law Society of Ireland, a Mini MBA from the Irish Management Institute, a Certificate in Data Protection from ICS Training, and has completed the Front Line Managers Programme with LEAP.

Helen Doogan - Foscadh Housing

Helen Doogan

Tenant Liaison Officer

Helen joined Foscadh Housing in January 2017 in the role of Tenant Liaison Officer. She works closely with the CEO and the Housing & Development Manager to provide a range of high-quality services to Foscadh tenants including tenancy and housing advice, repairs and maintenance, problem solving and issues management, and the delivery of pre-tenancy training courses. Helen is also responsible for coordination of Foscadh’s popular Neighbour’s Day event, a key event on Foscadh’s annual calendar that supports the development of integrated, thriving communities. With more than ten years’ experience in busy office environments, Helen brings a wealth of organisational and communication skills to her current role to provide a structured and supportive service to tenants. She holds a Certificate in Housing Management (Mental Health Early Intervention) from The Housing Agency and a FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Special Needs.