Secure a Foscadh Home

When a home becomes vacant in one of Foscadh Housing’s estates, we contact the appropriate local authority and ask for nominations from their housing waiting lists. We then work in partnership with the local authority to allocate the home that best suits the applicant’s needs.

People seeking a Foscadh Housing home must first be approved by the local authority as needing Social Housing Support (i.e. they must be on a local authority waiting list).

To find out more about the application process please click on your relevant local authority:
Louth County Council
Laois County Council
Tipperary County Council

Once the relevant local authority’s housing department provides Foscadh Housing with a nomination for the vacant home, a Foscadh Housing Officer will contact the nominated applicant/s.

The Foscadh Housing Officer will provide a Foscadh Housing application form for completion. Support will be offered to help complete the form if needed.

Applicant/s must sign the application form, provide the required references and supporting documentation including a birth certificate.

The Foscadh Housing Officer will then interview the applicant/s in their current home, where appropriate. They will also then receive a Rent Assessment Form.

Successful applicants will receive formal notification of an offer of a home with Foscadh Housing, together with their Tenancy Documentation and official confirmation of their means assessed rent needs (i.e. the approved and agreed rent to be paid by the applicant/s).

All new tenants must attend a pre-tenancy training course. Once all requirements have been met, the new tenant/s will receive the keys to their new Foscadh Housing home.

Transfer Eligibility

Tenants who currently live in a Foscadh Housing home can apply to live in another Foscadh Housing property or to a local authority house.

To do this, tenants must first contact Foscadh Housing and provide a reason for the transfer. Tenants seeking a transfer must meet the following criteria:

• the house the tenant wishes to transfer to must meet their housing needs
• the tenant must provide satisfactory tenancy records that includes no breaches of tenancy agreement nor any verified instances of anti-social behaviour
• the tenant’s current Foscadh house is maintained to a satisfactory level; a Foscadh Housing Officer will visit the tenant’s current home to carry out an inspection before any transfer request can be actioned, and
• tenants must hold a clean rent account without rent arrears or any other breaches of tenancy conditions.

The length of time is takes to transfer is wholly dependent on suitable accommodation being made available in the proposed development/area of transfer.

Should a tenant wish to transfer to a home held by a local authority development or with another housing association, the tenant must make the application directly themselves to that particular authority or association.

If you have any questions about applying or transferring to a Foscadh Housing home, please use our enquiry form to find out more.