Foscadh open doors to 36 new tenants

A HOME of your own is the best Christmas present ever and it has arrived early for 36 Drogheda families.

The boxes are busily being unpacked at Lia Bhreaga, the Twenties, the town’s first housing development built by a voluntary housing association.

This week families began moving in to the high quality, energy efficient homes built by Foscadh housing association.

Delighted to be crossing the threshold with her new baby Jenna in her arms, was Eleanor Russell.

‘It is my first house and I love it,’ Eleanor declared.

Her daughters, four year old Leah and eighteen month old Erin, were eagerly exploring their new surroundings.

The young family shared cold and cramped rented accommodation while they waited four and half years on the housing list.

‘We were in dire straits, then I got a call asking if I would be interested in a Foscadh house. I was over the moon to get the house. They are lovely people and everyone has been so helpful. I couldn’t wait to move in,’ said Eleanor happily.

Eleanor Russell with her three girls - Leah, Erin and Jenna pictured outside their new home.Unlike council houses, at present voluntary housing tenants cannot buy their homes. One Drogheda Councillor controversial described them as like a ‘timeshare’ system.

But Eleanor says this is not an issue for her.

‘At the end of the day I have my own front door where I can live for as long as I want. It’s great. We’re going to make a lovely home here,’ she said.

Paula Lavin and her grown up daughters Rachel and Karen had just spent their first night in their new house at Lia Bhreaga.

For Paula her new house is home already.

‘The neighbours are very friendly. We are helping each other to move in. We are starting to create a community.’

She couldn’t praise Foscadh and its staff highly enough.

‘They are compassionate people who make a real effort to help. It is thanks to them we have a place to call home,’ said Paula.

Eleanor Russell with her three girls - Leah, Erin and Jenna pictured outside their new home.


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