Foscadh Housing / Loving Life Choir has been awarded €40,000 from the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal grants by Community Foundation Ireland

The Loving Life Choir in Drogheda is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of €40,000 over the coming year by the RTE Toy Show Appeal. This grant will fund “Breaking the Silence: Empowering Children and Young people to find their voice against bullying through this inclusive creative project and help to change children’s lives for good in the Drogheda Area.

Ken O’Heiligh, Choir Director and CEO of Foscadh Housing Association, said, we are thrilled to share the news that the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Grant was successfully achieved and makes this vital project possible.

This project aims to provide young members of the Loving Life Choir with the opportunity to develop practical and creative skills while fostering diversity, team spirit and inclusion whilst building support against bullying. The programme will commence in September 2024.

Skill Development: Participants will engage in workshops on art, drama, performance, video production, and voice coaching. These workshops are designed to support all choir members, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, or needs, in enhancing their practical skills and self-confidence.

Community Inspiration: The project includes the creation of an anti-bullying themed outdoor mural to inspire the community to speak out against bullying.

Short Film Production: Choir members will get the opportunity to produce a short film that showcases a central character finding her voice against bullying, aiming to inspire a wider audience online.

The “Breaking the Silence” project represents Foscadh Housing Association’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where young people can express themselves creatively and confidently stand up against bullying.

This statement reflects Foscadh Housing’s dedication to empowering young people through creative expression and community involvement, ensuring every voice is heard in the stand against bullying. We thank our sponsors for their vital support in making this project a reality.

About RTE Toy Show Appeal

Inspired by children, the RTE Toy Show Appeal works to bring the magic of the Late Late Toy Show to every child in Ireland. By funding essential support, health, well-being, play and creativity we aim to change children’s lives for good.

The donations to the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal, are received and managed by registered charity, Community Foundation Ireland with whom we work in partnership. For more information about Community Foundation Ireland, please see here: Community Foundation Ireland – For change. For better. For all

The RTÉ Toy Show Appeal has raised over €21million for children’s charities across the island of Ireland to date.

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