Another day. Song by the Loving Life Choir released

In September 2020, the Choir took on a project to write and produce a song reflecting their experiences of the Covid-19 lockdowns. With guidance from the choir’s musical director and a composer, choir members worked together to create song lyrics based on their thoughts and feelings about the lockdowns, creating this beautiful song, ‘Another Day’. 

“Write a song” – the process

The lockdowns presented a number of challenges for the “Write a song” initiative. However, we found that the Choir members were eager to take part over Zoom and through other online platforms to work together on the goals and tasks set by their music teacher for the song’s development.

Under guidance from their musical director, the choir worked on the project of compiling ideas for the lyrics over Zoom, where they were encouraged to think creatively about the impact of lockdown on their lives.

Choir  – Background

The Loving Life Choir was established by Foscadh Housing Association for young people from 6 to 20 years of age to provide a safe and inclusive environment for the youth to express their voice freely, make friends and build their self-esteem.

Membership of the Choir is open to anyone that fits the age criteria, regardless of their background, ethnicity, ability, gender. Youth members learn to trust their own abilities, work together for a common goal and develop a positive mindset to help manage life’s challenges.

The Loving Life Choir initiative provides a positive example of outcomes for the wider community. Most importantly, the children and young people have relished the opportunity to grow their confidence, express themselves freely while enjoying working together toward a common goal.


Lyrics and Performance by the Loving Life Choir

Sarah Louisa Nolan – Choral & Creative Director, Music & Arrangement

Bryan Mullen -Producer, Music & Arrangement

Piano – Bryan Mullen

Bass – Andrew Csibi

Drums – Cote Calmet

Guitar – Drazen Derek

Thanks to Kathy Snowe for additional help

Audio Recording Engineer – Bryan Mullen

Audio Mix Engineer – Eoin Redmond

Martin Connolly – Camera & Edit

With thanks to funding from The HFA Community Investment Fund.

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